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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment @ LAHC

Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) offers dual enrollment in several ways:

  • as part of our Middle School Outreach
  • as part of our Student Services Outreach and Recruitment Program to High Schools
  • as part of AB 288/AB 288 (Holden) College and Career Access Pathways (AB288 CCAP) agreements
  • as part of individualized Contract Education agreements for private educational partners and Industry

We offer dual enrollment to our local middle school and high school students (designated feeder schools), providing these students an opportunity to gain experience and insight into:

  • college-level courses
  • potential college and career opportunities
  • and an opportunity to complete, and receive credit for, college coursework while attending middle and high school

Dual enrollment provides academic and/or career education courses and is not intended as remedial or make-up work.

Congratulations to our 2024 Dual Enrollment College Graduates! You did it. 

Carson AMA 2024 Graduate - Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment graduates with Professor


Great Job graduating with a High School Diploma AND 1 or more AA Degrees!

Carson Dual Enrollment Cohort 2024


Steps for Dual Enrollment

For the purpose of AB288 CCAP agreements, per California's Education Code, the term "dual enrollment" is identified in Assembly Bill (AB) 288 to define "special part-time" or "special full-time" students—that is, high school or other eligible special admit students enrolling in community college credit courses (California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office's March 11, 2016 Legal Opinion 16-02).​

Additionally, if dual enrollment is not the correct pathway for your students, our local high schools may work with our Career Pathway Specialist in creating articulated coursework, which is coursework that has been identified, developed, and approved through joint review and agreement of both the high school and college faculty, in a formal, written agreement, as comparable to or acceptable in lieu of specific course requirements and allows high school students to receive college credit for articulated courses via the Credit-by-Exam model.

Dual Enrollment Team - email us @

  • Juan Baez, Vice President of Academic Affairs -
  • Sylvia Files, Dual Enrollment Coordinator - - Contact (310) 233-4288
  • Adonis Hernandez, Dual Enrollment UPI -
  • Ruby Guerrero, Registrar, Admissions and Records
  • Aura Rivera, Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator - - Contact (310) 233-4330

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