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What is Program Mapper?

  • Organized by Transfer, Career, and Academic Pathways (TCAPs), groups of similar programs that are designed to help you select a program of study and speed your progress towards completion.
  • A visual representation of LAHC’s catalog (degrees, certificates, and course descriptions) that shows a term-by-term sample map.
  • Includes information on occupations and careers commonly associated with each program, typical wages, and the labor market demand for California.

How to use the Program Mapper

Program Mapper

  • Select a Transfer, Career, and Academic Pathway to explore.
  • Once you’ve selected the pathway of choice, you’ll see the Certificates and Degrees Map which lists the various degrees and certificates available at Los Angeles Harbor College.
  • Below that is the Career Explorer which presents potential careers and occupations with descriptions, job growth predictions, and average expected salary range.
  • On the next page, you will find a brief description of the degree and a term-by-term map to effectively choose the correct courses towards completion.

Make a Plan with a Counselor

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Program Mapper FAQ

No, students should still meet with a counselor at least once each semester to discuss educational goals, planning, and progress.

No, a program map simply highlights the Degree or Certificate requirements for a program semester-by-semester. It is just one possible sample path to degree or certificate completion.

Possibly. Not all courses are offered fall and spring; students should meet with a counselor.

Possibly. Courses may be taken at the discretion of the student and based on the student’s schedule and desired course load, however, students should meet with a counselor to ensure that courses will be appropriate/available for a part-time schedule.

Yes, when selecting a course at any LACCD campus, meet with a counselor to verify course equivalency across the LACCD district.