​​Academic Improvement Services (Probation & Dismissal)

What is Academic Probation/Dismissal?

Academic Probation: A student will be placed on academic probation if your cumulative (overall) GPA is less than a 2.0 after you have attempted a minimum of 12 units on your LACCD transcripts.

Progress Probation: A student will be placed on progress probation if you have attempted 12 or more cumulative units, and the amount of "W", "I" and/or "NC" units reach or exceed 60% of all units attempted.

("W" = Withdraw, "I" = Incomplete, "NC" = No Credit)

Dismissal: A registration hold will be placed on a student's record when they have been on academic and/or progress probation for 3 consecutive semesters within LACCD.

What are some Consequences of Probation/Dismissal?

  • A registration hold may be placed in your student portal
  • Your financial aid disbursement may be affected
  • Loss of priority enrollment

We're here to help.

Follow These Steps to Correct Your Situation:

1. Check your LA Harbor College E-mail

You will be receiving an email detailing the level of probation you are on and the action you need to take in order to correct your situation.

2. Make an Appointment with a Counselor

We need to make sure you have a comprehenisve educational plan in your student portal.