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Disabled Student Programs and Services and the Academic Success Action Plan (TRiO project) are programs designed to ensure students with disabilities have equal access to all of the educational offerings at Los Angeles Harbor College. The programs facilitate equal opportunity through the provision of appropriate support services, curriculum, instruction, and adaptive technology.
Technology Building, Room 118

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Special Programs

TRiO - Project ASAP

(Academic Success Action Plan)
Project A.S.A.P. is a federally funded TRiO Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. This Project offers an intensive service and instructional package to a select number of students with disabilities in support of the full attainment of graduation and transfer goals. Project A.S.A.P. activities are designed to support full student success (including financial literacy) with an emphasis on improving student retention rates and academic performance.

Life Skills Center

Provides mental health counseling and related services, enabling our students to meet the personal, emotional, and environmental challenges that can interfere with their academic success. The LSC teaches Life Skills that improve student management of college demands and equips students to more readily handle stressors. Life Skills as a set of competencies enable students to form constructive, life-enhancing connections through a compassionate understanding of themselves and others while at school and long after.

We Offer Brief, short-term crisis intervention; disability and psychological assessment, student success workshops, and psycho-educational groups and referrals in conjunction with faculty and other agencies on and off-campus. Programming is designed to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for students to be effective as people, family members, workers, and citizens.

Adaptive Kinesiology

The program serves the ever-changing needs of the community’s diverse special needs population. As for people with special needs, the program is designed to ensure progressive exercise therapy and a safe environment by promoting skills and activities for lifetime fitness, wellness, mobility, and quality of life.

High-Tech Center

The High-Tech-Center is a unique computer lab for students with disabilities specializing in adaptive computer technology and software. The primary purpose of the Accessible Computer Lab is to support Educational Access and Equity for students with disabilities.

This is accomplished by teaching computer adaptations and providing instruction in computer skills that can be transferred to other courses on campus. The Lab is open to all students who benefit from using the specialized software.

Additionally, the center provides a variety of college preparedness courses listed under Learning Foundations, in the college catalog, in reading comprehension, mathematics, keyboarding proficiency, word processing, and assistive technology. The Lab is located in the Learning Resource Center, on the first floor (1st), Room 115.

Our Staff

Dean Files

Sylvia Files,
Acting Dean of Student Services 

Maribel Costa Portrait

Maribel (Mary) Costa, Acting Assistant Director

Akilah Runnels Portrait

Akilah Runnels,
TRiO Director and Counselor

Patsy Gonzales

Patsy Gonzales,
Adjunct DSPS Counselor  gonzalpm@lahc.edu

Akaysia Special Programs and Services Assistant

Akaysia Hill,
Special Services Assist  hilla@lahc.edu

Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller,
High Tech Center (HTC) Faculty    millerlc@lahc.edu

Timothy Davis Portrait

Timothy Davis,
Assistive Technology  davisth@lahc.edu

Steve Swaim Portrait

Steve Swaim,
TRiO Program Technician  swaimsj@lahc.edu






Make an Appointment with a SPS Counselor

Ms. Maribel (Mary) Costa: Acting Assistant Director, DSPS Counselor & Learning Disability Specialist


Ms. Rosalind (Akilah) Runnels: TRiO Director/Counselor & DSPS Counselor


Ms. Patsy Gonzales: Adjunct DSPS Counselor


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Rosalind (Akilah) Runnels: Wednesdays 10 AM - 12 PM *In-Person

Technology Building
1st Floor, Room 118


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