Health, Human Services & Public Safety Pathway

Health, Human Services Public Safety programs study human biology, medical care and support, and the legalities that help keep people healthy and safe as well as offer assistance in emergencies. They may be employed by private business, government, or work independently.


Health, Human Services & Public Safety

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Health, Human Services & Public Safety Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate
Administration of Justice AS-T AS C
California State University General Education C
Certified Nursing Assistant C
Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide C
Fire Technology AS C
Fitness Training SC
Health Occupations SC
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum C
Kinesiology AA-T C
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Health and Fitness
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Nursing Professional (L.V.N. to R.N.) AS
Nursing Professional (R.N.) AS
Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T
Pre-Health Professions AS C
Psychology AA-T