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Grievance Procedure (Harbor)

The Student Complaint Procedure is to outline the equitable means for resolving student grievances here at Harbor College.

This procedure may be initiated by a student or group of students who reasonably believe that he/she/they have been subject to unjust action or denied rights that adversely affect his/her/their status, rights, or privileges as a student. It is the responsibility of the student (s) to submit proof for the allegation.

Step I – Informal Resolution

Students who reasonably believe they may be involved in a potential grievance should be encouraged to seek an informal remedy, as described below. The student is expected to make a reasonable effort in resolving the matter on an informal basis by completing the Student Complaint/Grievance Form and one or more of the following:

  1. Meeting with the person with whom the student has a grievance
  2. Meeting with that person's immediate supervisor
  3. Meeting with the appropriate college administrator
  4. Meeting with the college ombudsperson for assistance. In this case the student shall provide a written Statement of Grievance and may provide any other information and documentation in support of the grievance. Upon review, the ombudsperson shall inform the student of the student's rights and responsibilities and assist in mediation.

Step II – Formal Resolution

Students unable to resolve their potential grievance through the informal process outlined above, may file a "Grievance Hearing Request Form" with the college ombudsperson. The College ombudsperson will provide students with information about the formal grievance hearing process and their rights and responsibilities in this process. The student may also request through the Ombudsperson, that any relevant information and documentation be made available at a hearing, as long as this information does not violate the privacy rights of others.

Students have the right to be represented by him/herself, a student advocate, or a person of his/her choice (the Grievant may NOT be represented by legal counsel).

This grievance procedure does not apply to the following:

  • Challenge process for prerequisites, co-requisites, advisories, and limitations on enrollment (Office of Academic Affairs);
  • Alleged violations of sexual harassment or discrimination (Compliance Office);
  • An appeal for residency decision (Admissions and Records Office);
  • Eligibility, disqualification, or reinstatement of financial aid (Financial Aid Office), or
  • Actions dealing with student discipline (Office of Student Services).

Grievances pertaining to grades are subject to the California Education Code Section 76224(a) which states:

"When grades are given for any course of instruction taught in a community college district, the grade given to each student shall be the grade determined by the instructor of the course and the determination of the student's grade by the instructor, in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency, shall be final."

Detailed information and/or assistance with the Student Grievance Procedure is available in the District Administrative Regulation, E-55, or may be obtained from the Office of Student Services or the Los Angeles Community College District Office.