Academic Counselor:

Counseling is available by appointment. Book an appointment at
CONTACT: Patsy Gonzalez, gonzalpm@lahc.edu
LOCATION: Online via Zoom or PE 158
Patsy's Hours: Wednesday and Thursdays 8:30AM-1PM & 2PM-7PM
ZOOM OPEN HOURS (Sign in to the meeting on the hour for assistance):

Student-Athlete Support:

LOCATION: CHAMPS Academic Center (between PE/Kinesiology Building and Athletic Fields)
CONTACT: Leslie Trujillo, trujillc@lahc.edu
HOURS: Monday 8AM-1PM; Tuesday 9AM-2PM; Wednesday 9AM-11AM, Thursday 11AM-4PM

Tutoring and Resource Center Labs:

If you need a tutor for math, writing/English, or ESL, use NetTutor in your SIS Portal
1) On your dashboard, click on LACCD Online Tutoring or in your Canvas Shell; 2) Click on NetTutor. Agree to terms; 3) Click the area of tutoring you need; 4) Choose your need.
LOCATION: NetTutor in your SIS Portal. Login on the SIS portal: http://www.lahc.edu/
CONTACT: Nadine Muro- muron@laccd.edu or Nicole Shawyer- shawyenp@laccd.edu
TUTORING REQUESTS: https://effectiveness.lahc.edu/academic_affairs/lrc/SitePages/Home.aspx

Important Information and Links for Prospective and Current CCCAA Student-Athletes: https://www.cccaasports.org/Student_Athletes/Index


The purpose of this program is to enhance student-athlete engagement, to give them the tools and support needed to successfully advance in their education and sport, and to support interaction between athletes, coaches, faculty, staff, and support programs. Our mission is to enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education.

The program supports student-athlete development and excellence in five areas: Academics, Athletics, Personal Development, Career Development, and Community Service. The goals of the program are: serving the high-risk students shown to be low in course completion rates, decreasing dropout rates, and increasing the percentage of student-athletes’ retention, completion, and transfer rates. Some strategies of the program include: mentors, SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Council), grade checks/progress reports, study hall, tutoring assistance, an academic counselor, guest speakers and workshops with various campus departments, a student handbook and website for CHAMPS.

This program is an activity of the Student Equity Plan. We look forward to the impact this program will create on campus and appreciate your support. If you have any input or have any questions, please contact Leslie Trujillo at truillc@lahc.edu.



  • Students graduate within 2 years and earn a scholarship to a 4-year University
    • Improve study skills and GPA
    • Decrease drop out rates
    • Increase retention and completion
    • Celebrate the success of our student-athletes
    • Give back through community service
    • Develop leaders and life-long learners
    • Develop Championship Teams


  • Address mindset, behaviors, persistence, and success
  • Enhance Student-athlete engagement
  • Support interaction between athletes, coaches, faculty, staff, and support programs
  • Give student-athletes a platform to find their passion and purpose and then to take action
  • Give student-athletes the tools and support needed to successfully advance in their education and sport
  • Create a higher level of success and camaraderie among the student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and staff of the college


To enhance the quality of the student-athlete experience within the context of higher education. The program supports student-athlete development and excellence in five areas:

  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Personal Development
  • Career Development
  • Community Service


Remind Text Service:

If you are not receiving CHAMPS text reminders, please email trujillc@lahc.edu and Leslie Trujillo will add you to the REMIND.

Progress Reports:

Student-Athletes will complete progress reports at the third and eighth week of the semester.

CHAMPS Workshops:

Various Workshops will be held during the semester
Topics covered and specializing in:

  • Goal Setting & Time Management
  • Etiquette & Communication
  • Stress Management and Competitive Anxiety
  • Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention, Sports Nutrition
  • Money Management & Financial Aid
  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
  • The Go-Giver (Community Service)
  • Building a Championship Team
  • Diversity
  • Confidence & Mental Toughness
  • Teamwork & Conflict Management
  • Achieving Success

Sports and Life Skills Program:

Counseling is available by appointment (possible walk-in)
Topics covered and specializing in:

  • Individual counseling (Including crisis)
  • Relationship counseling (couples, family, etc.)
  • Emergency and crisis counseling
  • Coach/player, or teammate conflict resolution
  • Sports performance planning for current or upcoming seasons
  • Individualized academic support / coursework management strategies
  • Strategies for effective balancing of academic and athletic responsibilities

CONTACT: Life Skills Center: https://effectiveness.lahc.edu/student_services/lifeskillscenter/SitePages/Home.aspx
CHAMPS Mentor Program:
Mentors will be available to guide and work with the student-athletes on the various areas of successfully navigating through their athletic and academic journey.
CONTACT: Leslie Trujillo, trujillc@lahc.edu