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Preparing for transfer is about more than admission requirements — it's about showing you reready to succeed at UC. You should plan to apply for transfer admission the year prior to when you want to transfer to a university. Do not wait until you are completely finished with your coursework before you apply! Coursework can typically be in progress/planned at the time of application. Application filing periods are listed below.


Fall Admission

November 1 - 30 (year prior to transfer)
**application available beginning August 1, but cannot be submitted until November**

Winter/Spring Admission

July 1 - 31 (year prior to transfer)

**Most UC campuses do not accept winter/spring applications**


To transfer to a UC campus, you must complete at a minimum: 60 transferable units, 2.4 GPA, required/recommended major preparation courses & the "7-course pattern"

  • 2 transferable courses in English composition(English 101 & English 102 or 103)
  • 1 transferable course in Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning (Area 2)
  • 4 transferable courses chosen from at least two of the following subject areas:
    • Arts and Humanities (Area 3)
    • Social and Behavioral Sciences (Area 4)
    • Physical and Biological Sciences (Area 5)

For major preparation courses, please refer to ASSIST
For general education courses, please refer to IGETC
Visit UC Admissions Basic Requirements for more information

You may also benefit from completing the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. Keep in mind TAG applications are due September 30 for fall admission and you can only apply for a TAG at ONE campus. Please visit this page for more information: CLICK HERE & speak with a Transfer Counselor.


My UC Application


UC: $70 per campus
Students can apply for an application;fee waiver for up to 4 UC campuses. Fee waivers are available to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and applicants eligible for AB540 benefits. You can apply for a fee waiver directly through the UC application and will be notified of your eligibility immediately.


  • Your short answer responses to the Personal Insight Questions are important! This is an opportunity to let the admissions staff know more about you. Make sure to start writing early and use resources, such as the Worksheet for Transfer Applicants & Writing Tips & Techniques, for guidance.
  • Don't send official transcripts once you apply. If you are admitted, then submit final transcripts to campus admissions office.
  • UC does not require (nor read) letters of recommendation at the time of application. A campus may ask for them later as part of a supplemental review, so be sure to check your email regularly.


  • Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) - An online tool to help students track their progress toward meeting UC minimum requirements and allows UC staff to communicate important information to prospective transfer students. You can begin entering your coursework (completed and planned) from the beginning of your college career.
  • Preparation for Admission - Learn more about the ways to prepare for transfer.
  • Check Open Majors - See which majors are open to apply for fall and/or winter terms
  • UC Cost of Attendance - Explore the expenses associated with being a student.
  • Applying for Financial Aid - Learn more about the steps to apply for financial aid.
  • Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan - A financial aid program intended to fully cover systemwide tuition and fees. If you are a California resident or have AB540 status whose total family income is less than $80,000 a year and qualify for financial aid, you may benefit from this program. You don't need to fill out a separate application. If you qualify, you will receive the benefits automatically if you complete your FAFSA before the March 2nd deadline.
  • Middle-Class Scholarship Program - Provides funding to help middle-class students. If you are California resident or have AB540 status whose annual family income and household assets are up to $170,000, you may benefit from this program. You don't need to fill out a separate application. If you qualify, you will receive the benefits automatically if you complete your FAFSA before the March 2nd deadline.
  • Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) - Learn more about the specific requirements for the TAG program. Currently, six UC campuses offer the TAG program.
  • Cross Enrollment at University Of California, Santa Cruz - ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS:Undergraduate students enrolled in any campus of the California Community Colleges, or the California State University, may enroll without formal admission in a maximum of one undergraduate course (including its associated section or lab) per academic term on a space available basis. Please click the following link for the application form and further information, Cross Enrollment form for UCSC

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