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Welcome to Articulation

Mission Statement

The focus of Articulation is to facilitate the smooth transfer of course credit to accredited four-year institutions for LAHC students. As such we focus predominantly in three areas:

1.  We create and maintain articulation agreements of LAHC courses with our university partners,
2. We support faculty with transferable curriculum and program development and revision,
3. We provide students, counselors, teaching faculty, and the Transfer Center with the most up-to-date articulation-related information and resources.

What are articulation agreements?

Articulation agreements identify courses completed at one institution that meet the requirements of another institution for course-course credit, transferable units, general education and major preparation.

Articulation agreements establish that a LAHC course is "comparable to" or "acceptable in lieu of" a specific course requirement at four-year institutions. Such agreements ensure that students can transfer their prior coursework without delay to the four-year institution.

Who are our four-year university partners?
The California State University System, The University of California system, accredited private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities in California and other U.S. states.

Faculty & Staff


Eric L. Chau

Articulation Officer
Email: @email
Phone: (310) 233-4035