cost of attendance for international students

*Non-Resident tuition* is subject to adjustment by the Board of Trustees of the LACCD on July 1st of every year. (These are the 2023-2024 rates. Non-resident tuition covers the cost per unit of classes paid by California tax revenues. This rate is charged to all students who are not legal residents of the State of California.

*Medical insurance* - Rates are subject to adjustment each year. Medical insurance is mandatory for all full-time (F-1 visa) international students enrolled in colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District.. The cost of this insurance is automatically billed to the stud​ent's spring and fall semester tuition and fee charges.

[Note: Part-time F-1 students must visit the International Student Office each semester that they enroll to request that these charges be blocked. Please note that this plan is only available to full-time F-1 visa students within the Los Angeles Community College District.]

United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not routinely permit F-1 visa students to work while in the U.S. Because financial aid is not available for international students at this college, international student applicants must show evidence of having sufficient funds available to cover the first year's educational and living expenses with the expectation that additional funds will be available the following year. These funds can be provided by a sponsor (parents, relatives, etc.), by the student, or by a combination of both. Students are expected to pay for school-related expenses upon enrollment