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What Can Do With An English Degree?
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As you know, COVID-19 has changed the way we do things, at least for the next few months. We will be fully online during the Winter and partially online during the Spring 2022 semester. If you need to reach your instructor, please see the Contact list below. The best way to contact instructors is by email, as we are not in our offices answering the phones. If you cannot reach your instructor, or if you have a question about any of the subjects in our Division, please contact the Communications Division Chair, Ann Warren, at warrenal@lahc.edu

The English Department offers courses in reading, writing, critical thinking, literature, and creative writing.

Our goal is to support students in developing strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills—skills essential for engaged global citizenship. Students with strong language skills will find their college classes easier to ace. And after college, they'll find themselves in demand in the professional world.

Writing and reading courses help students to meet the challenges of college study and guide them to be more thoughtful, curious, and confident writers and researchers.

Survey courses in American, English, and World literatures reveal major themes in both ancient and modern cultures, so that students can appreciate the diversity and rich inter-relatedness of the human family.

Students may also discover their voices and explore their imaginations in creative poetry and fiction writing courses.

English faculty are trained to use a wide range of teaching methods to meet students’ varied learning styles. In their English instructors, students will find mentors committed to helping them reach their goals and to pursue lifelong learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students Learning on Computer

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Compose writing that expresses the writer’s viewpoint and which utilizes the fundamentals of rhetoric and editing.
  • Demonstrate the fundamentals of technological literacy.
  • Communicate effectively for differing audiences and purposes
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by conducting research, evaluating source material and presenting supportive, reasoned arguments on substantive issues in accordance with an appropriate style guide.

Our Faculty

Karen Amano-Tompkins
NEA 254, Phone: (310) 233-4219
Email: amanotk@lahc.edu

Jean Grooms
NEA 265, Phone: (310) 233-4258
Email: groomsjr@lahc.edu

Kent Stoddart
Office NEA 263, Phone: (310) 233-4217
E-mail: stoddakj@lahc.edu

Stephanie Brown
NEA 252, Phone: (310) 233-4236
E-mail: Brownsd@lahc.edu

Christian Lozada
NEA 253, Phone: (310) 233-4244
Email: lozadach@lahc.edu

Jennifer Triplett
NEA 273, Phone: (310) 233-4247
Email: triplejl@lahc.edu

Carmen Carrillo
NEA 261, Phone: (310) 233-4259
E-mail: carrilc@lahc.edu

Shazia Khan
Instructor, English
NEA 255, Phone: (310) 233-4242

Ann Warren
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4250
Email: warrenal@lahc.edu

John Corbally
NEA 273, Phone: (310) 233-4239
E-mail: jrcorbally@gmail.com

Hale Savard
NEA 271, Phone: (310) 233-4241
Email: savardh@lahc.edu

Errol Sanborn
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: errol.sanborn@sbcglobal.net

Dee Masters
NEA 297, Phone (310) 233-4252
Email: mastersdee@aol.com

Steve Swain
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: swaimsj@lahc.edu

Denise Dumars
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: eerieaerie@hotmail.com

Aura Imbarus
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: imbarua@lahc.edu

Wendy Walsh
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: walshwm@lahc.edu

Don Lechman
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: don@lechman,org

Anjanette Crum
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: cruma@lahc.edu

James Slama
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: slamaj@lahc.edu

Victor Zamora
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: zamoravl@lahc.edu

Tommy Amano-Tompkins
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: amanott@lahc.edu

Agnes Davies
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: daviesam2@lahc.edu

Triana Rosas
NEA 297, Phone: (310) 233-4252
Email: thedarklady@gmail.com

Joelle Mendoza
NEA 155, Phone: (310) 233-4292
Email: mendozje@lahc.edu