Meeting with an EOPS Counselor

EOPS counselors are currently available for drop-in and appointments online via Cranium Cafe (see instructions below) or in person at SSA 207. Sign in to Cranium Cafe and Live Chat with the EOPS Information Window or any available Counselor Assistant for drop-in counseling or to make an appointment with an EOPS Counselor.

Vsit the Canvas page to make an appointment with counselors and tutors

EOPS Drop-In Counseling Hours​
Monday: Online 9:00 AM - 12:00PM​
Tuesday: Online 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Wednesday: Online 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
*Hours may change without notice due to counselor availability

How To Schedule an EOPS Appointment.pdf

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Fall 2023 Book Award

The Fall 2023 Book Award will expire on Friday, November 10

For questions regarding the book award, please chat with the EOPS Information Window on ConexEd


The book award is being awarded to all EOPS participants from the spring 2023 semester who meet all of the following criteria:

  • are enrolled in at least 6 units for fall 2023 or have provided a Unit Letter from Special Programs and Services (SPS) or a Reduced Unit Load letter from an EOPS counselor
  • completed at least two (2) counseling contacts in spring 2023
  • either submitted a progress report or attended a workshop in spring 2023
  • have not exceeded the program limits of 6 consecutive semesters of EOPS participation while having completed 70 or more degree-applicable units
  • completed the spring semester with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. If you did not finish spring with a GPA above 2.0, you have been placed on EOPS Probation. Please refer to the email you received from Sammy Sassoon for your next steps.

Ways to Use Book Award

  • LAHC Bookstore
  • Other LACCD Campus
  • RedShelf
LAHC Bookstore

The book award is available through the LAHC bookstore. You can purchase your books online ( or in person. To purchase books online:

  1. Create an account on the bookstore's website if ordering for the first time
  2. Search for the books you need and add them to your cart
  3. At checkout select AR Harbor EOPS as your payment method
  4. If the total costs of your books exceeds your book award amount, you will be responsible for paying the difference
  5. Your books will be shipped to you from the bookstore. Your book award can be used to cover any shipping costs
Other LACCD Campus

If you are taking classes at another LACCD campus that you need books for

  1. Verify that the book is available at that campus and note the ISBN for the book.
  2. Download and complete this form and email it to
  1. Search for your title on:
  2. Select the title that matches the eBook you are looking for.
  3. In the upper left hand corner under the author’s name, you will find the eISBN-13 number.
  4. Download and complete this form and email it to

Students Awarded the Fall 2023 EOPS Book Award

EOPS Fall 2023 Book Award List 21 (updated 11/2/2023)

Your book award can only be used to purchase required textbooks for classes.  If you attempt to purchase any materials other than textbooks your transaction will be automatically cancelled.

Below is a list of EOPS students who are ineligible for the fall 2023 book award:

EOPS Fall 2023 Book Award Ineligible Students List - as of 9/12/2023

Students Awarded the Fall 2023 EOPS Student Supply Grant

Fall 2023 EOPS Student Supply Grant List 8 (updated 11/2/2023)

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EOPS Program Status

At the end of each semester we check the academic records of EOPS students to determine their program status. Students who complete at least 12 units (or have a Unit Override Letter from SPS on file with the EOPS Office) with a g.p.a. of 2.0 or higher and do not exceed 70 total degree-applicable units are considered in good standing and eligible to receive all program services and benefits they are eligible for. For students who don't meet all of these requirements, their status is determined by the table below:




Semester G.P.A. below 2.0

EOPS Probation

Contact the EOPS Office to inquire about attending an Academic Recovery Workshop

Finished semester with more than 70 degree-applicable units total

EOPS Dismissal

Contact the EOPS Office to inquire about completing an EOPS Program Termination appeal

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EOPS Fall 2023 Contact Dates

The EOPS Program will be offering Summer contacts throughout the summer for EOPS students enrolled in summer classes.  Although it is not mandatory you attend a summer contact, we ask you to check in with a counselor if you are enrolled for summer so that we can check your progress and offer you any assistance you may need.


1st Contact
Your 1st Contact must be completed with an EOPS Counselor

Monday, August 14 - Friday, September 22
2nd Contact
Your 2nd Contact must be completed with an EOPS Counselor.  Your progress report is due during 2nd Contact
Monday, September 25 - Friday, November 3


3rd Contact
Your 3rd contact must be completed with an EOPS Counselor.  You must submit proof of completion of a workshop by the end of 3rd Contacts.

Monday, Nobember 6 - Friday, December 15


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EOPS students are required to attend at least one workshop each semester and submit verification of attendance to the EOPS Office. Workshop credit can be obtained through self-paced workshops on Canvas, EOPS Lives workshops, or workshops from other Campus Department (Verification form required). ​

Click here to download the Workshop Verification Form

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​Progress Report

Progress reports are due at the time of your second contact.

If you have not already done so, be sure to accept our EOPS Canvas invitation. You will need to access our Canvas shell to submit your progress report. You will access the Progress Report assignment in Canvas under the module: EOPS Student Responsibilities.

Instructions to upload a screen shot for your progress report:

  • Log on to Canvas
  • Click on Dashboard on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on View Grade on the bottom right side
  • That page will show you all the grades in the courses you are currently taking
  • Take a screen shot of that page
  • Upload that screen shot to your progress report

Also, in the comment section where you upload your progress report be sure write a self-assessment of how you feel you are doing in your classes.
Please email if you are having any issues with submitting your progress report.

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EOPS Tutoring

EOPS currently has an English/writing tutor.  Please check with the EOPS Office for her availability.

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Computers available for use by EOPS students on a first come first served basis. Printer is available, but students must supply their own paper.

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