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Promise FAQs


The Los Angeles College Promise (LACP) is a program provided by the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) that offers two years of free tuition to all first-time students regardless of background, immigration status, age or others demographics.

Yes, Students have to fill out our college-specific application to indicate their interest being a part of LACP by clicking on the following link:

No, only courses with a credit bearing will count towards the 12-15 units for that given semester.

To qualify for LA College Promise, the student must be an incoming first-time, full-time student beginning their first semester in the Fall at LA Harbor College. This means that a studetn that just graduated from high scholl and a student that has never attended college before are both eligible to apply for LA Promise. Regardless of when a student graduated high school, they must not have any college credit history since they graduated to be eligible for Promise.

No, the student need to make sure they complete the following requirements to be officially a part of LA College Promise:

  1. Complete orientation and meet with a counselor to create and educational plan.
  2. Complete Summer Bridge/ Summer Transition (e.g. enrolling and completing COUNSEL 001 or 022 class over the summer).
  3. Submit a 2021 - 2022 FAFSA or CA Dream Act application.
  4. Enroll full-time (12-15 units) in the Fall semester.

Yes, but there are exceptions. If they are incoming students with a 504 plan or IEP from high school, they can receive accommodations from the Special Programs and Services (SPS) program on campus, such as obtaining a unit letter stating that they can be enrolled in less than 12 units. They must submit the letter to a Harbor Advantage counselor.

Yes, LACP students will receive registration dates at the beginning of Tier 2. You will register after Tier 1 special populations.

No, only classes taken AFTER they finished high school or equivalent would disqualify them as being a first time student.

They can still qualify for LA College Promise! Ever since the passage of AB 19, LA College Promise expanded to cover ANY incoming first time, full time student who graduated outside of LAUSD, as long as they have graduated from a California high school or equivalent.

Yes, we encourage students to get involved on campus as much as they can to enhance your college experience at LA Harbor College!