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The Harbor College Music Department offers a multi-faceted approach to music education. Our music facility includes Music Hall, recording art studio, ensemble room, music computer lab, piano lab, individual practice rooms and general lecture rooms. Our professional faculty provides students with resources to prepare them for transfer to a 4-year program or to the workplace with one or more of our degrees or certificates. We also host guest artists and faculty performance events to provide professional network and opportunities for our music students.

"My love of music was fostered at Harbor College. Everyone from faculty and students alike were really supportive of me.

The teachers there helped me succeed by investing their time and showing me my potential as a musician.

The students in the music program were all friendly and down to earth people" - Michael H.

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Music Department Phone: (310) 233-4429

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Fall 2023 Offerings:

  • MUS 501 — College Choir — Check catalog for course numbers  
  • MUS 700 — Large Ensemble 

  • MUS 165 — Intro to Recording Arts — Check catalog for course numbers 

  • MUS 321 — Elementary Piano 1 — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 322 — Elementary Piano 2 
  • MUS 323 — Elementary Piano 3 
  • MUS 324 — Elementary Piano 4 

  • MUS 411 — Elementary Voice 1 — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 412 — Elementary Voice 2 
  • MUS 413 — Elementary Voice 3 
  • MUS 414 — Elementary Voice 4 

  • MUS 650 — Beginning Guitar — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 651 — Classical Guitar 1
  • MUS 652 — Classical Guitar 2 
  • MUS 653 — Classical Guitar 3 
  • MUS 654 — Classical Guitar 4 

  • MUS 216-1 — Music Theory 1 — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 216-3 — Music Theory 3 
  • MUS 217-1 — Musicianship 1 — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 217-3 — Musicianship 3 

  • MUS 181 — Applied Music 1 — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 182 — Applied Music 2 
  • MUS 183 — Applied Music 3 
  • MUS 184 — Applied Music 4 

  • MUS 100 — Music in Society — 8 Week Online Course — Check catalog for course numbers 
  • MUS 101 — Fundamentals of Music 
  • MUS 111 — Music Appreciation 
  • MUS 116 — Survey and History of Rock, Pop, and Soul — 8 Week Online Courses )
  • MUS 118 — Film Music Appreciation — 8 Week Online Course

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Music Degree and Certificates

We offer an associate degree in Music and four Certificates of Achievement in Music. Learn more

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Join our performance ensembles and applied music program. Take our general education, commercial music and beginning instrumental course. View details on Placement Audition, Course Description

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Girls of Chorus Singing

Faculty and Staff

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Calendar of Events

All events are held in the LAHC Music Recital Hall unless otherwise noted; all events scheduled at Harbor College are free and open to the public unless otherwise indicated. Times and locations are subject to change or cancellations. Please call (310) 233-4429 for up-to-date information.


The Media page includes performances by students, alumni, and music faculty and staff. Check out performance recordings and photos

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