1st. Semester Required Knife & tool kit

  • 1 ea. Chef Knife 8-12''
  • 1 ea. Boning Knife stiff or flex
  • 1 ea. Wide Slicer 10''- 12''
  • 1 ea. Offset sandwich knife or bread knife or Serrated knife
  • 1 ea. Paring Knife
  • 1 ea. Steel Round Regular cut or Diamond Steel
  • 1 ea. High Temperature Plastic Spatula
  • 1 ea. Vegetable Peeler
  • 1 ea. Wooden Spoon
  • 1 ea. Stainless Steel Wire Whip
  • 1 set measuring spoons
  • 1 set measuring cups
  • 1 ea. Instant-read Thermometer or Bimetallic Thermometer
  • 1 ea. Knife Roll Kit
  • 1 ea. Small note pad
  • As needed Black Permanent Markers

Knife and Tool kit can be purchased anywhere as long as you have the necessary tools to complete your assignments. We work together with New Chef Fashion to provide you with the best tool kit available.

Please look at instructor's syllabus for additional tools required if needed

Uniform Required List

  • 2 ea. Chef Coat with LAHC Logo with name and LAHC Culinary Club Logo
  • 2 ea. Checkered Unisex Trouser
  • 2 ea. Waist apron white
  • 2 ea. Skull Cap
  • 4 ea. Side towels
  • 1 pair Black Non-Slip resistant non porous work shoes
  • Face Mask may be required for in person teaching. May be subject to change

The uniform is required to be purchased at New Chef Fashion. Below you will find more information.​

LAHC Culinary Arts

Professional Cooking Cover Book

CA 113 - Culinary Skills I

  • Professional Cooking, 9th Ed By Gisslen
    (ISBN 9781119399612)​​

​The Illustrated Cook's Book of Ingredients

by Norma MacMillan (ISBN 0756667305)

The Illustrated Cook's Cover Book

Escoffier Cover Book


  • Escoffier by Escoffier
    (ISBN 9780470900277)

CA 114 - Aromatics


  • Flavor Bible, 2nd Ed By Karen Page
    (ISBN 978-0316118408)
The Flavor Bible Cover Book

Herbs and Spices Cover Book


  • Herbs and Spices, by Jill Norman
    (ISBN-10: 1465435980)

CA 116 - Product Identification And Purchasing


  • Manage First – Purchasing, 2nd Ed By NRA
    (ISBN 978-0132181648)
Costumer Services Cover Book

Servsafe Manager Book

​CA 117 - Food Sanitation And Safety


  • ServSafe Manager, 7th Ed By NRA- Pearson
    (ISBN 978-0134812335)

Vetegables Cover Book

CA 123 - Culinary Skills II

  • Vegetables, Revised Ed By James Peterson
    (ISBN 1607740265)

​Sauces: Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making, 4th Ed By James Peterson

  • (ISBN 0471292753)
Sauces Cover Book

Menu Planning Cover Book

​CA 124 - Menu Planning And Nutrition


  • Fundamentals of Menu Planning, 3rd Ed by Paul McVety,

Bradley J. Ware, Claudette Levesque Ware
(ISBN-10: 0470072679)

NRAEF Manage First Nutrition, 2nd Ed By Pearso
(ISBN-13: 9780470009550)

Nutrition Cover Book

Professional Baking Cover Book

​CA 126 - Baking Skills


  • Professional Baking, 7th by Wayne Gisslen
    (ISBN-10: 1119148448)

​The Pastry Chef's Companion, 1st Ed By Glenn Rinsky & Laura Halpin Rinsky
(ISBN-13: 9780470009550)

The Pastry Chef's Companion Cover Book

Garde Manger Cover Book

​CA 133 - Advance Garde Manger


  • Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen by CIA
    (ISBN 978-0470587805)

CA 134 - Classic And Contemporary Cuisine


  • Culinary Artistry, Andrew Dornenburg by Wiley
    (ISBN 9780471287858
Culinary Artistry Cover Book

Escoffier Cover Book
  • Escoffier by Escoffier
    (ISBN 9780470900277)


  • The Flavor Matrix: The Art and Science of Pairing Common
  • Ingredients to Create Extraordinary Dishes:
    by James Briscione, Brooke Parkhurst
    (ISBN 9780544809963)
Flavor Matrix Cover Book

Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine Cover Book
  • Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine, Judith Choate
    by Stewart, Tabori & Chang
    (ISBN 9781584794783)



  • ManageFirst: Customer Service w/Answer Sheet, 2nd edition by NRA
    (ISBN: 9780132179324)
Customer Service Cover Book

Hospitality and Restaurant Management Cover Book



  • Manage First Hospitality and Restaurant Management w/ Answer Sheet 2nd Edition
    by NRA
    (ISBN: 9780132116138)