Students and Teacher in Classroom

Welcome to English as a Second Language (ESL)

The ESL Department offers courses which help students acquire language, improve fluency, and speak and write proficient English. ESL faculty are trained to use a wide range of teaching methods to meet students’ varied learning styles. In their ESL instructors, students will find mentors committed to helping them reach their goals and to pursue lifelong learning.​​

New ESL Assessment

As of January 2020, LAHC uses a new ESL assessment process known as ESL Guided Self-Placement. English Learners who would like to enroll in credit ESL courses are invited to participate in this new process.

ESL Guided Self-Placement

The ESL Guided Self-Placement process does not require taking a test. The new process involves completing a survey where students are asked to describe their abilities to read, write and speak in English. The ESL survey consists of 9 multiple-choice questions. ESL course placements are based on student responses.

How the Process Works:

Students must schedule a meeting with ESL faculty Andrea Cano at @email or contact her at (310) 233-4221. Her office is in NEA 269. The survey questions will be presented during the meeting. When scheduling a meeting, please have the following:

  • LAHC Student ID # (e.g. 881234567 or 900123456)
  • Contact Number (Home or Cell Number)
  • LACCD student email

As you know, COVID-19 has changed the way we do things, at least for the next few months. We will be fully online during the Summer semester. For Spring 2022, ESL classes will be partially back on campus, and partially online. If you need to reach your instructor, please see the Contact list below. The best way to contact instruc​tors is by email, as we are not in our offices answering the phones. If you cannot reach your instructor, or if you have a question about any of the subjects in our Division, please contact the Communications Division Chair, Ann Warren, at @email​


Office Location

NEA 269


Andrea Cano
Email: @email
Phone: (310) 233-4221

NEA 256

Dale Shannon
Email: @email
Phone: (310) 233-4252