Los Angeles Harbor College Building



1. Apply to Harbor College.

  • Complete your Admissions Application Online (OpenCCCApply). Be sure to select the correct Military Status on your Application ex. Active Duty, Veteran, etc.


  • You will receive your student ID# and enrollment instructions
  • Official transcripts, you must submit official transcripst if you attended college(s) outside the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Transcripts must be mailed to Admissions and Records: 1111 Figueroa Pl. Wilmington C.A. 90744
  • You can be certified without official transcripts on record only the first semester at Harbor as long as you have an updated student ed plan on record.
  • Meet with the veterans counselor every semester prior to submiting your certification request. Schedule appointment HERE
  • Submit the Online Veterans Certification Request Each Semester You Want to Utilize Your GI Bill Benefits: 
    • Upload the following:
      • Copy of DD-214 (Member 4)
      • Certificate of Eligibility (provided by the VA after application approval)
      • Picture ID
      • Complete/upload Military Credit Petition
      • Tungsten Authorization - Submitted by the VR&E counselor. Chapter 31 only.
  • Financial Aid, it is highly recommended as it will not affect VA benfits.

2. Apply for VA Education Benefits. Review the Veterans Affairs website to determine your benefit eligibility, compare programs, collect you paperwork, calculate your benefit and apply for VA benefits online.

Remember, certification is not automatic! You must submit submit the Online Veterans Certification Request and register for classes each semester you want to be certified!

  • You must meet with the veteran's counselor EVERY semester prior to submitting your certification request!
  • Complete the Online Veterans Certification Request Each Semester You Want to Utilize Your GI Bill Benefits: CLICK HERE
  • Changes to the initial certification request (drops, adds, exclusions, section changes) must report it to the Harbor Veterans Program immediately.

NOTE: Waitlisted status courses cannot be certified. You must submit the Online Veterans Certification Request every time you make changes to your class schedule.

  • Students who wish to certify a course at another college must cofirm with academic counsleor first.
  • Request for certifiction may be delayed if requested courses are not listed on your educationalplan as GE or major requirements. NO EXEPTIONS!

COVID-19 and your VA educational benefits:

Post-9/11 GI Bill® students enrolled in approved resident (physically in person) courses at a rate of pursuit of more than 50%, which have been converted to online learning solely due to COVID-19, will continue to receive benefits, including Monthly Housing Allowance, at the resident rate until December 21, 2021, or until the school resumes normal operations of resident training, whichever comes first.

To ensure that you get the full BAH for your VA educational benefits you need to enroll in an originally scheduled "In-Resident" (in-person) courses prior to certification. Synchronous courses that were converted to an online modality are classified as "In-Resident" for full BAH payments.

It is our priority to ensure all our Veteran Students receive on time payments from the V.A. office. If you encounter any issues with your payment, please email the Program Director at: @email. We will do our best to assist you.


​Full time is considered the following:

Spring and Fall: 12 units

Winter (5 weeks): 4 units

Summer (5 weeks): 4 units

​Summer (8 weeks): 6 units


*Visit the Financial Aid website and log-In to your FAFSA