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UMOJA Eligibility


To be eligible for the Umoja program a student must:

  • Be interested in learning about the African Diaspora
  • Be enrolled in 6+units at Los Angeles Harbor College

Be a student with demonstrated need because of one of the following:

  1. First generation to attend college
  2. Economically disadvantaged (BOG Fee Waiver Eligible)
  3. Socially disadvantaged (member of a group mentioned in our LAHC Student Equity Plan)

Be motivated to earn one of the following***:

  1. Certificate of Achievement
  2. Associate Degree
  3. Successful Transfer Admission to a University
***Please note students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the United States of America are not eligible.


Students admitted into the Umoja program are expected to do the following:

Umoja Community

  • Attend at least 1 appointment each semester with a Umoja Counselor
  • Attend 3 workshops/events each semester, one of which must be an Umoja-sponsored event or an Umoja-promoted community event such as the Umoja Statewide and Regional Conferences.
  • Submit a progress report by week 5 and week 10 of each term
  • Attend the Umoja Culmination event at the end of the year to celebrate graduating/transferring Umoja Scholars and community achievements
  • Other requirements as assigned by the counselor that benefit the student (ie. required tutoring for a student that is repeating a course)

Umoja Cohort

  • In addition to the above, cohort students will enroll in Umoja courses.

Umoja Advisory

  • After a minimum of one semester of participation, students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership qualities who are invited to join the Umoja advisory board must regularly attend Board Meetings to assist in planning program activities