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As an online retailer's market share expands and the demand for warehouses and distribution centers grows, logistic professionals at every level are in high demand. In this short-term course, you will learn:

  • Logistic Roles and Fulfillment
  • Supply Chain Management, and Activity Profiling
  • Inventory Control and Stock-keeping
  • Shipping and Receiving Department Clerk
  • Material Recording Clerks
  • Material Moving Machine Operators
  • Tank Car, Truck and Ship Loaders

Free Tuition! Fees for additional materials may apply. Lending library available at no cost to those enrolled.


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Certificate of Completion (81 hours)
VOC ED 530 Fundamentals Of Warehousing And Distribution 1: Material Handling (18)
VOC ED 531 Fundamentals Of Warehousing And Distribution 2: Warehouse Operations (18)
VOC ED 532 Fundamentals Of Warehousing And Distribution 3: Warehouse And Personal (18)
VOC ED 533 Fundamentals Of Warehousing And Distribution 4: Developing Your Soft Skills (18)
VOC ED 534 Career Education Skills Lab (9) Additional Support
ESL 361CE VESL: Additional Support for English Language Learners Available: English For Special Uses: Warehousing And Distribution (54) This class supports English language learners

Certificate of Completion Form

If you have completed all the required classes, please schedule an appointment with an Adult Education counselor. The counselor will assist you with the certificate request process.