*Digital Services are currently being devised, per student need.

On Campus Services are suspended until after the Covid19 Crisis ends, for safety purposes.

ASO Fee paying members receive a 50% discount off the Rental Prices ONLY.
The Student Union is the center of campus life and serves as the primary gathering and meeting place for the community college. In addition to space, the Student Union provides study space, student activities, music, and a hangout spot for students. The Student Union houses Associated Students Organization (ASO) and our multicultural programs.

Counter Services

Office Services ASO Prices Non-ASO Price
*Order Form- Coming soon.. N/A N/A
Rental Prices - *School I.D. Required*    
TV Rental $4.00 per hour $8.00 per hour
Game Console $6.00 per hour $12.00 per hour
Air Hockey $4.00 per hour $8.00 per hour
Ping Pong $4.00 per hour $8.00 per hour
Magnetic Darts $2.00 per hour $4.00 per hour
Fooseball $2.00 per hour $4.00 per hour
Checkers $1.00 per hour $2.00 per hour
Laptop Fee Rentals (Coming Soon..) N/A N/A