ASO Membership Benefits

The ASO membership fee can be paid for during registration or any time thereafter during the semester. You can purchase your ASO membership at the Business/Cashier's Office located on the 1st floor, on the outside of the Student Union building (SU127) for a $10.00 fee during Fall/Spring semesters, and a $5.00 fee during Summer/Winter sessions.

The Student Identification Card will provide a space to display your photo and current term sticker. You can obtain both in the Student Activities office on the 2nd floor of the Student Union (SU203). Your student ID ensures your safety around campus as it serves as another form of identification and it allows access to reserve study rooms, sign-up for tutors, checkout books, as well as other resources at the Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC).

​ASO Members get...

  • 10 scantrons and 2 blue books each semester (Fall - Spring) FREE
  • 5 scantrons and 1 blue book (Summer - Winter) FREE
  • 1 flash drive for Dean / President's list recipients FREE
  • Laptop lending program
  • Promotional items at ASO events
  • FREE ASO Event Give Away
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • & MUCH MORE!

also ASO Members have Access to...

  • Discounts on recreational rentals in the Student Union (SU)
  • ASO sticker and Library Card
  • Club access
  • Transcript Notation for being an ASO Senator
  • Semester stipends for being an ASO Senator
  • Access to ASO scholarship (Fall - Spring)

*Student ID required with current ASO sticker to access ASO benefits*