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Degree/Transfer Students

Students Seeking to Earn a Two-Year and/or Four-Year Degree

The Business Department of Los Angeles Harbor College has a mission of providing students educational experiences and opportunities to meet their diverse and changing needs. We strive to promote and enhance the economic development of the community; to provide for lifelong learning and academic excellence through our pathway and programs; to establish work ethics relative to a positive work environment; to meet workforce needs through skills development, training, and personal growth; and to communicate a sense of vision and renewal through creative utilization of productive and innovative resources.

What a career looks like

We offer a variety of Associate Degrees, Certificates, and classes to assist you on a career path in the world of business. Whether you are looking to start your career, advance in your current career, or begin on a path to a four-year degree, we offer programs to lead you in the right direction for a successful business career, see our Degrees & Certificates or the current LAHC Catalog.



25TH 50TH 5TH 95TH


Office Manager $58,080 $61,050 $80,586 $91,740
  Facilities Manager $59,730 $82,500 $108,900 $123,090


Customer Service Manager $57,090 $63,360 $83,635 $93,060
  Call Center Manager $63,690 $71,280 $94,090 $105,270


HR Benefits Specialist/Coordinator $56,760 $63,360 $83,635 $91,410
  HR Recruiting Specialist/Coordinator $51,480 $58,740 $77,537 $85,140
  HR Assistant $44,880 $49,500 $65,340


What you will learn

The Business Department of Los Angeles Harbor College has a mission of providing students educational experiences and opportunities to meet their diverse and changing needs. The Business Department offers courses that enable the student to transfer to a four-year college or university or to prepare for and obtain employment. It also provides continuous training and education, which allows professionals to update their skills and remain competitive in the job market.

Before you start

Want to have a career in Business?

You can start preparing for it before your first class starts at LAHC:

Make an appointment with your LAHC academic counselor to review LAHC's program, start to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), and discuss your career and transfer goals, as well as what CSUs or other four-year colleges and universities would best fit your needs.

Still in high school? Search for local business internships with organizations you are interested in after you graduate.

Program Learning Outcomes

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Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate a firm understanding and working knowledge of the basic functions of a business enterprise, including the following components: business, entrepreneurship, economics, business law, finance, human resource management, and marketing.
  • demonstrate a firm understanding of the communication process in a business and professional setting, including written, oral (including non-verbal), and electronic communication, and active listening
  • evaluate issues across the range of business functional areas by recognizing and analyzing problems using creativity, sound judgment, and business principles; and interpret business conditions, activities, or problems to provide solutions and means of continuous improvement in functional areas with consideration to the impact of the solutions on business enterprise "Big Picture".
  • demonstrate actions of integrity, honesty and ethics, diversity, socially responsible in decision-making, and interaction with customers, co-workers, employers, the public and society in general.
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General Counseling

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Career & Job Placement Center

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