Welcome to Non-Credit ESL

As you know, COVID-19 has changed the way we do things, at least for the next few months. We will be partially online during the Spring 2022 semester. If you need to reach your instructor during the summer, please see the Contact list below. The best way to contact instructors is by email, as we are not in our offices answering the phones. If you cannot reach your instructor, or if you have a question about any of the subjects in our Division, please contact the Communications Division Chair, Ann Warren, at warrenal@lahc.edu

Harbor College’s Noncredit ESL Department offers free classes for community members who wish to improve their understanding and fluency in English. Classes are offered on campus and also at several locations in the community. Non-credit ESL classes allow students to obtain the English skills that will prepare them for college-level courses, the workforce, and participation in the community. The department also offers free Citizenship courses.



Komfort Akyempon-Archer
Email: akyempk@lahc.edu

William Annand
Email: annandws@lahc.edu

Christine Chao
Email: chaoc@lahc.edu

Steven Gelman
Email: gelmansb@lahc.edu

Susan Ramirez
Email: ramiresl@lahc.edu

Anjelica Vega
Email: vegaaa@lahc.edu