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Computer Applications and Office Technologies (CAOT)

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Find the path that fits your personal needs and professional goals:

Have you always enjoyed organizing information? Transfer your skills to a rewarding career in Computer Applications and Office Technologies. You will learn current and leading-edge office applications as well as office procedures and administration. With courses in office technology, you will be equipped for clerical and administrative roles, you will learn how various departments operate within a firm to achieve common goals.

These skills make you an asset to your company which will enable you to promote from within.

  • Need a career? We make it happen!
  • Learn today's job skills
  • Jump start your career with the latest technology
  • Engage, learn, and succeed with the bests facilitators
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Your education and training in this essential field will teach you how to produce correspondence, handle records, schedule appointments and analyze important information. Our programs are designed to prepare you for positions in the modern business office. Whether you are entering the workforce or updating your skills, jobs in office technology can place you in corporate, government, educational, legal, and medical settings.




Data Entry High School Diploma or More $31,403
Counter and Rental Clerks High School Diploma or More $25,555
Statement Clerks High School Diploma or More $37,877
Correspondence Clerks High School Diploma or More $44,628
File Clerks High School Diploma or More $30,959
Order Clerks High School Diploma or More $32,072
Receptionists and Information Clerks High School Diploma or More $30,545
Secretaries and Administrative Assistants High School Diploma or More $60,817
Word Processors and Typists High School Diploma or More $46,806
Records Coordinator High School Diploma and More $40,019

Gain proficiency in the core skills and knowledge required to use popular office applications to develop professional documents for organizations and businesses.

Want to have a career in Computer Applications and Office Technologies? You can start preparing for it before your first class starts at LAHC:

  • Make an appointment with your LAHC academic counselor to review LAHC's program, start to develop a Student Education Plan (SEP), and discuss your career and transfer goals, as well as what CSUs or other four-year colleges and universities would best fit your needs.
  • Still in high school? Search for local business internships with organizations you are interested in after you graduate.

Program Learning Outcomes

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Upon successful completion of the following programs, students will be able to:

  • display proficiency with microcomputer software applications: word processing, spreadsheets, presentation design, databases, and desktop publishing
  • demonstrate a proficient level of keyboarding speed and accuracy.
  • demonstrate proficient communication (written and oral) skills as required in the workplace; and analyze, assess, and produce business documents that are a solution to given problems.
  • demonstrate appropriate academic, ethical, diversity, and professional use of computer technology to communicate regionally
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