​K-12 Dual Enrollment​

The Los Angeles College Promise will seamlessly transition graduating LAUSD students to full-time LACCD students. This will lead to college completion, enhance social mobility, equity for students, and a more robust local economy. The Outreach Office visits High Schools campuses, and select community events on a regular basis to provide information about Harbor College and its programs.

We can be reached at E-MAIL: @email - Phone: (310) 233-4330

Dual Enrollment Coordinator:  filesss@lahc.edu - Phone (310) 233-4011

HOW TO ENROLL: For K-12 Students (You can earn college credits while still in High School. Enrolling is a two step process.)  Click on "Apply to Harbor College."

Please complete the following

#1 If you are AGE 14 OR OLDER please submit this Dynamic Form ON-LINE for admission.

#2 After completing the paper application and if you are UNDER AGE 14 (or in 9th/10th grade) contact the Outreach office via E-mail or by phone.


Harbor waives tuition for California residents enrolled in high school (maximum of 11 units per semester or 7 units during Winter/Summer intersessions). Students are responsible for the cost of textbooks or materials. Financial Aid is not available for High School students.

​Please be aware of:

  1. Parents/guardians may not conduct transactions on behalf of the student.
  2. All classes are college-level and they are not "high school level classes".
  3. All c​lass recommendations should be made by the high school counselor or administrator. They are the only ones authorized to state how/if Harbor's classes are placed on the high school transcript.

** Students are encourage to attempt enrollment on-line. **

If the class is full (do the following)

* E-mail your High School College Counselor and/or contact the Outreach office for additional information. *

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Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8:00AM - 4:00PM
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Email: @email
Phone: (310) 233-4330

For questions join us in Zoom.
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