Los Angeles College Mental Health Consortium:
Building Healthy Communities Initiative

Campus Based Grant Profile

Campus and Program Overview
The Los Angeles College Mental Health Consortium: Building Healthy Communities Initiative (BHCI) membership includes six community colleges in the Southern California, Los Angeles area: Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC), Los Angeles Southwest College (LASWC), Los Angeles City College (LACC), Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC), Los Angeles Pierce College (LAPC) and Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC). Los Angeles Harbor College has been the Project Headquarters. The BHCI Project has increased the Consortium’s capacity to effectively address the increasing rates of mental health concerns among students. Prevention and Early Intervention strategies included extensive faculty/staff mental health sensitivity and awareness training, evidence-based suicide prevention training, peer-to-peer in-reach and outreach, website development and a strong emphasis on leveraging resources and collaboration within the Consortium and with community partners.

The Project was developed as a part of the Prevention and Early Intervention Programs supported by CalMHSA Proposition 63 funds aimed at preventing suicides, reducing the impact of stigma, and discrimination while improving student mental health. The Project purpose has been to develop campus climates which support mental health wellness, safety, and timely identification and referral of at-risk students for help. (In higher education at-risk is defined as a student exhibiting signs of psychological or emotional distress and should be referred for campus assessment.)

Project outcomes include: (1) greater understanding of how to identify and refer at-risk students, (2) increased numbers of students accessing mental health services, (3) reduced levels of stigma and discrimination, (4) integration of special programming for Veterans and LGTBQ students, (5) integration of NAMI and Active Minds within the colleges, (6) reduced incidents of suicide, suicide attempts, relationship violence, campus violence and bullying, (7) greater understanding of how to develop and maintain safe and secure learning environments for at-risk students, (8) recommendations for college policies and procedures which reward help-seeking behavior, (9) development and maintenance of Project website which will allow for sustainability, 24/7 access to materials, and cost-effective dissemination of Project deliverables.

Los Angeles College Mental Health Consortium, Campus Leaders: Dr. Deborah Tull, Dr. Bonnie Burstein and Dr. Dan Raker (LAHC), Dr. Randy Anderson, Joe Exnowski (LACC), Cathy Brinkman (LAMC), Maria Granados (LAMC), Monica M. Moreno (LAMC), Elizabeth Benne (LAPC), Celeste Phelps, Roxana Sanchez (LASWC), Ashraf Hosseini (LATTC)

Project Staff
Project Director: Dr. Deborah Tull
Training Director: Dr.Bonnie Burstein
Activity Coordinator: Dr. Dan Raker
LGBTQ Coordinator: Christopher Lane
Project Assistant: Maura Torres
Web Designer: Timothy H. Davis

Consortium College Campus Leaders

Dr. Randy Anderson (LACC)
Cathy Brinkman (LAMC)
Dr. Bonnie Burstein (LAHC)
Maria Granados (LAMC)
Ashraf Hosseini (LATTC)
Monica M. Moreno (LAMC)
Elizabeth Benne (LAPC)
Celeste Phelps (LASWC)
Dr. Daniel Raker (LAHC)
Dr. Deborah Tull (LAHC)

The Life Skills Centers at Los Angeles Harbor and City College
Offers a special appreciation and Acknowledgment to the Interns who lead workshops, started Active Minds, NAMI On Campus, LGBTQ Clubs and offered programming through the Veterans’ Centers and so much more. Thank you!
Pamela Anderson, MA
Shayne Aquino, MA
Cris Bruzzone, MA
Azeb Bhutia, PhD
Rachel Capurro, MA
Althea Cook, PsyD
Nicolette de Sumrak, MA
Sandra Eberhardt, PhD
Joe Exnowski, MA
Jessie Flitter, MA
Jean Haiching Pan, MA
Dylan Keenberg, MA
Marilyn Kleist, MA
Samuel Kleist, MA
Brian Louie, MA
Patricia Martucci, MA
Amy Mateny,PsyD
Lindsey Nelson, MA
Dan Raker, PsyD
Tejal Shah, MA
Damien Tilliman, PsyD

State of California Partnership
California Community College Chancellor’s Office
California Mental Health Services Authority
California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program

Special Acknowledgment to:
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Each Mind Matters California's Mental Health Movement
NOH8 No more Hate
Active Minds

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VentionWorks, LLC

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