A long time ago, in a city called L.A.

AwarenessLive Stigma Free

YEAR 2015

It is a period of Revolution and Social unrest. A small rebel group took on the Evil Empire and won their right to Social Equality and Health Equity.

Now that same group and many others fight to end the Tyranny of Stigma and Discrimination by bringing Love and Awareness to the world.

The Los Angeles College Consortium: Building Healthy Communities Initiative joined Forces with CalHMSA, Prop 63 and the California Community College's Chancellor's Office united in the fight to Live Stigma Free with dignity and respect.

A movement is growing. A movement for Mental Health. It includes millions of people from around the world who believe in Hope and Grace for Mental Well Being.

Join us in the victory against the Evils of Stigma and Live Stigma Free....

LGBTQ you are not alone, Veterans we are here for you and to all in need, Help is just a phone call away.

Project Staff:

Project Director: Dr. Deborah Tull

Training Director: Dr.Bonnie Burstein

Activity Coordinator: Dr. Dan Raker

LGBTQ Coordinator: Chris Lane

Project Assistant: Maura Torres

Web Designer: Timothy H. Davis

Consortium College Campus Leaders:
Dr. Randy Anderson (LACC)
Cathy Brinkman (LAMC)
Dr. Bonnie Burstein (LAHC)
Maria Granados (LAMC)
Ashraf Hosseini (LATTC)
Monica M. Moreno (LAMC)
Elizabeth Benne (LAPC)
Celeste Phelps (LASWC)
Dr. Daniel Raker (LAHC)
Dr. Deborah Tull (LAHC)

Special Appreciation to the Master and Doctoral Level Interns for their program development efforts in the project:

Pamela Anderson, MA
Shayne Aquino, MA
Cris Bruzzone, MA
Azeb Bhutia, PhD
Rachel Capurro, MA
Althea Cook, PsyD
Nicolette de Sumrak, MA
Sandra Eberhardt, PhD
Joe Exnowski, MA
Jessie Flitter, MA
Jean Haiching Pan, MA
Dylan Keenberg, MA
Marilyn Kleist, MA
Samuel Kleist, MA
Brian Louie, MA
Patricia Martucci, MA
Amy Mateny,PsyD
Lindsey Nelson, MA
Dan Raker, PsyD
Tejal Shah, MA
Damien Tilliman, PsyD

State of California Partnership:
California Community College Chancellor’s Office
California Mental Health Services Authority
CCC Student Mental Health Program
Foundation for California Community Colleges

Special Acknowledgment to
Los Angeles County Mental Health
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Each Mind Matters California's Mental Health Movement
NoH8 No Hate
Active Minds

Consultant Firm
VentionWorks, LLC

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