Meet The Staff

For any assistance, contact a Career Pathway Specialist.

  • Sandra Sanchez, Dean of Economic and Workforce Development | 310-233-4042
  • Erica Mayorga, SFP Director
  • Van Benford, SFP Program Specialist
  • Piper Watkins, SFP Program Technician
  • Eddie Galeana, SFP Program Technician
  • Maureen Schaller, Senior Secretary
  • Veronica Madrigal, AMETLL Presenter/Trainer
  • Shanise Cofield, Adjunct Instructor Special Assignment
  • Michael Caress, GTL Faculty Liaison
  • Dr. Barbara Christie, AMETLL Faculty Liaison
  • Elika Dadsetan, Director Title V
  • Sean Foley, Internship Coordinator, Harbor Advantage

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    PHONE: (310)233-4042      EMAIL:      TEXT (424) 263-9559