Psych 41

Prof. Joan Thomas-Spiegel

Life Span Psychology: From Infancy to Old Age

Spring 2005


1. Logging on from any of the Los Angeles Harbor College Labs

     In order for you to access the lab computers on campus you have to be registered for the semester.  To log on in the computer labs you need to follow these steps:

For username type the first 3 letters of your last name and first letter of your first name followed by the last four digits of your social security number. Here is an illustration using John Smith as an example: smij3435

For password type the month and day you were born (mm/dd). An example for John Smith would be 0101


2. Logging on from home to access the library online databases and online catalog

     To access the library resources from home you will need to come to the library reference desk and ask the librarian for the passwords for the online databases. Please remember that when you are logged on from the campus labs you do not need a password.


3. Printing in the library computer lab

     You need to purchase a printing card that is available from a machine in the library. The printing card can be purchased for as little as a dollar and you can add money to it as needed. Please remember that this card is only used for the library and does not work in the other labs on campus. If you have any questions on printing please ask the library staff. If you are printing in the library lab there are instructions next to the printer on how to print. The cost for printing is 10 cents per page.


4. How to find articles from journals and magazines for your topic using Infotrac

    To find Infotrac type click on databases, then Infotrac


5. Searching the web for information related to your course using any of the following popular search engines: