Los Angeles Harbor College Wireless Network


To gain access to the campus wireless network; please follow the steps described below.



Step 1: Please double-click on the wireless network connection icon on the windows desktop or click
START, double-click Control Panel, double-click Network Connections, and then double-click
wireless network connection.

Control Panel screenshot

Network Connections screenshot

Once opened the below window will show up and list the wireless connections available on campus.
These are the only 2 connections you will see on campus. Highlight the desired connection and click
on the Connect.

Wireless Network Connection screenshot


The following screen will appear while connecting to the chosen connection icon.

Wireless Network Connection screenshot


Once connected; you now able to close this screen.

Wireless Network Connection screenshot


Step 2: Start your Internet browser. Please click Yes to authorize the security warning.

Security Alert screenshot


All potential users of the wireless network must have a student or faculty login account.
Please refer to the student login instructions for the college lab computers or the faculty
login instructions for the academic network.

Secure Login screenshot


Please click Yes to authorize the login process. Once authorized you are now able to browse the Internet.


- Last Updated: 10/24/07