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What Alcohol Does to the Body

Safety on Wheels

Alcohol Use: A High-Risk Behavior

What Tobacco Does to the Body

Personal Safety

Alcohol and Society

Drug Use: A High-Risk Behavior

Safety Outside the Home

Safety At Home

Choosing to be Tobacco-Free

Strategies for Preventing Substance Abuse



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Keyword search:

            su smoking | su alcohol | su alcoholism | su accidents prevention | su traffic safety | su home accidents | su substance abuse

If you want to find books written for high school and younger, add SU juvenile. Example: su smoking AND su juvenile




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Subjects:        Skateboarding – Subdivision: safety and security measures | Roller-skating – Subdivision: safety and security measures | Traffic safety | Home accidents – Subdivision: prevention | Alcohol – Subdivision: health aspects | Smoking – Subdivision: health aspects | Drug abuse – Subdivision: health aspects | Substance abuse – Subdivision: prevention | Kidnapping – Subdivision: prevention | Children’s accidents – Subdivision: prevention




Web sites


Searching the web

A good start: the Librarian’s Index to the Internet (lii.org)


Keyword search: smoking children; children’s accidents prevention; safety education


Injury prevention http://www.chp.edu/besafe/

Science, Tobacco, and You http://scienceu.fsu.edu/

National Safety Council http://www.nsc.org/




Kids and Teens > Health > Safety

Kids and Teens > Health > Substance Abuse

Kids and Teens > Teen Life > Teen Health > Drug Awareness


If it’s on the web, you must check the source. Is there an author? Is the author an expert in what he writes about? Does the author cite the sources she used?