Fashion is like a fast moving train, always changing directions. A new item can be what is the fashionable trend for weeks at a time or, sometimes an item can be trendy and stylish for years. Fashion is also very difficult to find now a days. So, when we find a certain person or, certain people that have a particularly good fashion sense, we have no choice but to share these stylish gurus chic sense of fashion . This week, we have found three lovely and very stylish young ladies at HTPA that are the very meaning of style.


First and foremost, we have Elizabeth Garcia.  She is wearing a pearl necklace, knotted in the front. Which is a very unique and stylish trend for jewelry. An example of this trend would be wearing a bangle high on your arm, above your elbow. She is   wearing striped cropped pants, the pattern of the pants is neutral, so it will match with different colors and patterns.  It is very fashionable to wear a bright top with these pants to bring out the pattern, which is exactly what Elizabeth is doing.  The crème de résistance that completes the outfit is the classic white sneakers, which go with all clothing and look very distinguished.


Following Elizabeth’s impeccable taste in fashion, we have Nia.  She is using a layering technique, a trend that is very fashionable as of late. She is wearing a fitted blazer over this, which is another very trendy piece to accompany this outfit.  It is in a neutral tone, so it is very well matched with her top.  Her dark-wash denim skirt has embellishments on the side, which are very trendy this year.  Embellished clothing has been seen circling the fashion industry and has been very popular with many celebrities.  Beaded flats have made a comeback since the 50’s which is a good thing because they are the perfect piece to complete this fashionable puzzle. A excellent way to wear the already trendy beaded flats would be to  wear them in a bright color, just like Nia is. Nia pulls this outfit together by craftily matching her clothing pieces,


Last but not least, we have Margo.  She is wearing trendy Ugg boots in a lavender color.  This is different than how you usually see Uggs are worn, which are usually brown or black.  She has also done a good job of tucking her jeans into her boots.  A good way to do this is to wear skinny jeans or ones that don’t flare out at the bottom.  You could either sew them smaller yourself or buy them that way.  For some reason, it is hard to find a store that sells skinny jeans.  One place that skinny jean are sold is at an online store called www.Alloy.com. Margo is also wearing a bright jacket with the splattered paint effect.  She is also wearing a neutral top under her jacket.  A shirt in a neutral or a solid color is good because a bright shirt might compete with a brighter jacket with details.


As you can see, fashion cannot be defined as one piece of jewelry or one pair of shoes.  Fashion comes in all colors, shades, sizes, patterns, perspectives, cuts and styles.  From knotted necklaces, to cropped pants, layering, to embellishments, to Uggs.  Use these items and incorporate them into your wardrobe or alter them and make it your own.  It’s your choice because fashion is all about expressing yourself.